Understanding your smart meter data will help you take control of your energy use.

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Understanding your smart meter data will help you take control of your energy use.

Below is an example of an hourly graph that shows personalized energy use data for one day. These types of graphs are available on My Account by selecting the 'Energy Use Analysis' tool. Watch the video above for additional details.

Roll your mouse over each of the green circles below to learn how to interact with your smart meter data.


How to Take Control

Pepco makes your smart meter data available to you on My Account, your personalized, easy-to-use online tool on pepco.com. My Account is an energy audit tool that lets you compare and analyze your energy use, view and understand where your energy dollars go. You can even pay your bill online if you choose. Follow this easy 3 step process. If you are already signed up skip ahead to step 2

Step 1: Sign Up for My Account

It's easy! To help get you started, watch the step-by-step My Account tutorial video above.

Here's how to sign up:

  • You'll need the following information before going online: a copy of your last Pepco statement, your property details (style, age, square footage, etc), property features (heating and cooling system types/fuels) and your household and appliance details (number of people who reside, types and number of appliances).

  • Go online to pepco.com.

  • Click on the 'First Time Users' in the Customer Self Service box on the homepage.

  • Fill out the profile information as requested.

  • When your profile is complete, your customized information will appear.

Step 2: Review Your Energy Use Data

Now that you have access to your account, review your smart meter data by selecting the 'Energy Use Analysis' link located in the bottom right hand corner of the 'My Bill' tab. This is the data recorded by your smart meter which shows the energy your home or small business uses daily and hourly. You can change the date, meter and type of graph to see it in different formats. Watch our video 'Understanding Your Smart Meter Data' for a demonstration of how to read and access your data.

Step 3: Take Control

Once you've discovered your energy use patterns, you can begin to take control. The power is in your hands!

Use Your Custom My Account Portal

Within My Account you'll find the following useful tabs:

  • My Bill Tab
    • See the data recorded by your smart meter daily or hourly by selecting the 'Energy Use Analysis' link. This is located in the last box on the right. You can change the date, meter and type of graph to view your energy use.

  • My Home Tab
    • Click on the 'My Report' link on the upper right hand side. From here you can run a detailed or summary Home Energy Analysis Report.

  • Find Ways to Save Tab
    • This takes you through a series of questions on topics such as weatherization, heating, cooling, hot water, kitchen, lighting, and pool/spa to give you practical ideas for saving.

  • Calculate Improvements Tab
    • This section is filled with tools for finding the most efficient improvement

Detailed energy use information may not be available for customers with on-site generation.